Monday, August 3, 2015

Windows 10 spies you... a lot

Microsoft is offering for free its new Windows 10 but what is the cost for their users privacy?Security experts warn of many default options in the new version of the operating system which are a danger to privacy. We'll talk about it, as well as a new vulnerability in WhatsApp allowing eavesdropping, the antivirus company BitDefender, which has been attacked, and the arrest of the founder of the bitcoins operator Mt.Gox.

August starts warm, even when we have not already talked today about the Black Hat conference, celebrated in Las Vegas, which will fulfill news for us all the week. We started the week with Windows 10, just launched with serious privacy issues, "invasive by default", according to experts. Windows 10 has full access to email accounts, messages, contacts, calendar data and user location, which, in some cases, Microsoft may assign to"reputable companies". Changing these default settings is not exactly easy. Besides, the new browser, Edge, shows personalized ads.

WhatsApp naked

We continue with other software, almost implemented as Windows: WhatsApp. A 19 year old student has discovered a critical flaw that allows access to WhatsApp conversations. If you use iPhone it can also access to contacts. The app does not properly encrypt conversations. The young man explained in great detail in a magazine how to carry out the attack, which has no patch for the moment and affects all versions of WhatsApp.

BitDefender, attacked

We keep talking about software: BitDefender Antivirus. The company which produces it admitted to have suffered an attack and a theft of part of the databases of their customers. The thieves tried to blackmail the company, by threatening, making public this information unless it made a payment of $ 15,000. As an example, they have leaked 250 names and passwords of its customers. According to the thieves, BitDefender kept unencrypted passwords: "They used Amazon Elastic Web cloud  which is known for its SSL problems".

 Mr. Mt.Gox arrested

We finish with the other big new of the day: the arrest of the founder of the bitcoins operator Mt.Gox, which filed for bankruptcy in February 2014. The Japanese authorities who have arrested Mark Karpeles, French 30, suspect that he would misappropriate 8 million from its customers. One of its employees has been interviewed on Reddit, where he explains that the Karpeles' management was terrible: updates without sense, he kept his money and the customers' in one bank account, etc.

Tonight, at 21.40, on our Twitter account we will post the link to the interview with the Mt.Gox employee, totally enjoyable.


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