Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Hack the Stock Exchange: Financial releases not published have been stolen

After hearing the news, Kevin Mitnick explained on Twitter that he had already thought about it years ago, without attempting to do so at the end. Finally, IT Romanian criminals have done it, robbing financial information related to companies which operate in the stock exchange, when it was in the computers of their press agencies about to be published. We'll also talk today about possible Chinese email spying against high US militaries, the failure on a common device that allows to leave many cars without brakes and the legislation in Spain about drones.

BusinessWire Workers 
Cybercriminals hacked the computer networks of agencies such as Business Wire, PRNewswire and Marketwired, which are responsible of distributing press releases with financial results and other relevant information of listed corporations. They had access to this data before they were public so they could conduct their operations with a clear advantage. The fraud, which lasted five years, would be about $ 100 million, with 32 defendants.

Militaries spied

Smart kids would also be the Chinese computer mercenaries who, according to NBC News, since at least 2010 would be reading the e-mail from "a lot" of top officials of Obama's administration. The source of the news is an intelligence officer in the United States and the NSA would be aware since it was detected in April 2010. The Chinese would have also entered the address books, which used to send malicious code to the people who figure in them.

Goodbye brakes

We continue with awkward information: researchers demonstrated in the USENIX conference, celebrated these days in Washington, how to hack a vehicle which uses a device commonly used by insurance companies, for example, to control its location and speed. Through this gadget and via SMS, commands can be sent to the internal network of the vehicle leaving it without brakes.

Laws about drones

We finish with the recommendations just released by the Spanish State Agency for Air Safety about drones, which remind us that you can not use them on beaches, weddings, concerts, manifestations, processions or parks. Do not use them near airports, heliports or similar. So if any of our readers purchased a drone for this holiday and live in Spain, you know: take it out for a walk in a marsh or in “Monegros”, far from everything.

With or without drone, we hope this is, or has been, a fantastic Wednesday of August. Summer goes fast and you do not have to waste it, although we are working!


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