Monday, August 31, 2015

Do not have the wool pulled over your eyes

Cheats and ruses are the order of the day, even more after coming back top business as usual. As soon you are the victim of and endless ads campaign (a legal one in the eyes of the administration) or victim of a Facebook spam campaign. Or you discover the vulnerabilities of your own sistem´s core. Or you are ot¡ut of the market (with all the inherent dangers) for being the owner of a some years old device. All of this in our monday´s info pill. Are you ready?

You open the mail as you use to do every morning from the office, and you find a Samsung promo. Everything looks as usual. "You could earn 500 euros" offering your phone number and personal data only. And maybe we´ll ask you to fill some forms from some of the affiliated companies. And maybe from some others too... and before you know it, you have spent twenty minutes filling forms and it does not look to end soon. Furthermore, you are facing a kind of campaign which is absolutely legitimate, because they have not assured you´ll get the price...

Facebook´s massive spam

You get steamed by Samsung´s campaign and you enter Facebook. And you discover, as if it were not about you, you have served as a hook for the massive sending of spam to your contact list. You´re part of one of the 500.000 accounts used by Spamford Wallace to end spam using Facebook´s own mails. Something they have bee sued for, and hey were some years before too, as Gary Warner says on his blog.

The linux demon of controversy 

Your day is not off to a good start. There is no doubt about that, but at least your have your faithful Linux at hand. And wait... What is the systemd process is the first useful for? Because it´s the first to launch when you start the device and the last to turn off. And why has it been generating discussions among the Linux Community for twenty years?

At least we will always have the apple...

Geeks fights which heat your mind too much on forums. You wake up on the office and you go out to the street to have a coffe. By the way, you take  your iPod out, unaware of your model has maybe rendered obsolete for the company. It´s going to happen the same with some Apple TV or mac mini models. And it means goodbye to updates, and goodbye to security patches. Because the technological world moves at lighting speed and maybe this device you bought two years ago could have became an open door for cybercriminals.

You have had the wool pulled over your eyes. And it´s only the first day after holidays.


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