Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Cybersecurity with tango rhythm

"Return with my forehead all wrinkled, my temples turned silver by time’s falling snow". The immortal tango by Carlos Gardel, with lyrics by Alfredo Le Pera, left us a sentence which has become a cultural reference: "20 years hardly reckon". And so, 20 years ago, Windows 95 was born, for a lot of people the first operating system in itself. Without denying Gardel, a lot of things have changed in the past 20 years; especially in the matters related to security, although nowadays we still find incredible facts, like if we were in 1995 again.

Windows 95 supposed a true revolution in the interaction among man and PC. The freelance journalist Ian Morris has summarized for Forbes the seven ways this Microsoft product changed the world. Morris points at its Internet capabilities, introducing the start button and the task bar, concepts such as plug and play, the synchronization or the users profile (with security protocols everybody could pass nowadays). If we consider the evolution since that time, it's difficult to imagine our PCs in the next two decades.

You never know what tomorrow may bring, Ashley Madison

Leaving this anniversary, the topics about Ashley Madison don't stop. Besides the $500.000 reward given by the company to find the authors, and the news about two suicide cases in Canada, today we also know that the IT Director (CTO) of Ashley Madison, Raja Bhatia, hacked the systems of nerve.com a cultural magazine which deals with sexual topics and which had also installed a date website. Maybe was that what motivated the responsibles of nerve.com to invite Avid Life Media (the company owner of Ashley Madison) to invest in their project. And maybe was that the reason because Bhatia broke the security sistems of his competitor, stole the database and communicate the problem by e-mail to his CEO, Noel Biederman. You never know what tomorrow may bring.

He knows something about sales

Now we're talking about management positions, the specialized web TripWire studies in several articles the role of the Security Director (CISO) in...commercial matters? So it is, and in a literal way, "the CISO as a sales agent". In a discussion about if the information security is a spent or an inversion, we have to consider this text, by Federico DeLaMora, just the sales director of TripWire for the EMEA area. We "suppose" :) he knows something about this.

Obsession for measure

Maybe 20 years aren't too much, but if we take a look behind we'll find amazing chapters even in 1995 that maybe we've forgotten. Technology Review help us making a compilation of the 20 most famous cyber attacks in the 21st century. The list comes from the work of a researcher who wants to report every cyberattack commited till now (and so on we can think). A work which means: "the cyber world is a dangerous place, so dangerous as difficult to measure".    

"To live with the soul firmly clinging to one sweet remembrance that makes me weep so". It seems a lie but the happy times by Le Pera and Gardel in terms of cybersecurity won't return. Although remembering other times, less complex, is so sweet...


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