Monday, August 10, 2015

39 million stolen from a company by cheating a manager via email

The accounts of the American technology company Ubiquiti Networks have revealed it: according to the results of its second fiscal trismester of 2015, the company lost $ 39.1 million, being a victim of a cheat by the Commitment Corporate Mail, a type of social engineering very popular although worldwide managers are unaware about it. Other news that caught our attention today are a fine to another company, for the theft of two of his servers, a drone which is mapping the Internet of Things and how to destroy a hard drive.

It is summer, August, and the heat is oppressive but the amount of news about IT security continues without melting, as you will see if our readers visit our Twitter account. From the relentless torrent of news we have highlighted the deception suffered via email by an officer of the company Ubiquiti Networks. That was how the thieves gained control of the manager e-mail account, which had the capacity to authorize transfers. And indeed, they authorized a millionaire transfer.

Where are the servers?

Another company today troubled by a bad IT security is the lender entity The Money Shop, whom the British ICO just put a fine of 180,000 pounds in 2014 because two servers containing sensitive customer information were stolen. The servers were not well protected not only physically, in separate rooms, but also because the data was not properly encrypted.

Sniffing the Internet of Things

The hackers who read us would remember those little programs which were made to scan phone ranges, looking for open modems. A group of security experts want to emulate them, but to find things in the Internet of Things, and decided that the best way would be to use a drone as a scanner, which not only locates these things and gives them name and manufacturer, but also seeks their security holes. The experiment has just begun and it already have 1600 located devices. Sounds interesting.

Destroy, destroy

We finish with a talk presented at DefCon: methods to destroy a hard drive. The text is very funny, but not as much as researchers enjoyed, trying, without much luck, to destroy a hard drive using chemistry, pistols, explosives, electricity...We prefer not to reveal how they finally do it.

We hope you have enjoyed these informations. More tomorrow.


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