Saturday, July 4, 2015

"We use smartphones without thinking about smart security"

Gerard Vidal, cofounder and CEO of Enigmedia. Speaker in the Stratups Space at the summer course Cybersecurity Innovation applied to the protection of digital identities.
Enigmedia founders team

Gerard Vidal is Telecomunications Engenierr and Doctor in Mathematical Physics. He has worked as I+D Project Manger at Scientifica, collaborating with a project at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research). Father of the technology and founder of Enigmedia, he centers on the cypher development ant the relations with technology partners.

Why did you get into the IT environments?

It was an opportunity to make something different, something I was not used to. I wanted to try something out of the academic world an being able to  to continue my research.

What is the main motivation in your everyday life, to continue in an environment so intense as the information security?

The new challenges we face every day. This experience is something which has exceeded what we planned at the beginning. Now we see we can do great things, are this new horizons which invite us to keep changing.

What worries you of today's world of cybersecurity?

We use "smartphones" every day without thinking about "smart security". People is more or less aware of how much we use our phones everyday for  for Internet consultations, instant messaging communications or online shopping, but we do all of this without using any method to securize our communications. When we receive a package by mail we expect it´s closed when it arrives, but we send constant mobile communications without using any protection method in its transmission. Cyberdelinquency is increasingly present in our lives, and the key after being aware of this is start taking measures. We shouldn´t have to wait until cybercrimes happens to understand that securing our smartphones is as important as using an antivirus on the computer or a door lock at home.

Do you have any sentence as your day by day motto?

First of all, keep calm.

Enigmedia provides encrypted and secured communications services, one of the most active sectors in telecommunications. Being Skype, Hangouts on the market and with the arriving of calls in WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, which is the differential value of Enigmedia?

First of all, our transmission is encrypted, and the one you mentioned don't implement it or care not enough for innovation in security. Secondly and most important is that our security is light, in non technical words it means we consume less broadband   than other VoIP encrypting apps, allowing us to make videoconferences without downtimes and slowdowns, we can also adatp ourselves to network changes /WiFI, 3G) without delays. In third place the plus of being able to build a communications platform, extending the  network of contacts with the invitations, being the Enigmedia licensed user who decides who is invited to join his network. Besides, he can use the same license on Tablet, PC ans communicate trough TV too using Enigmedia BOX. It means, apply the maximum security in multiple devices.

Your product assures up to a 95% of CPU usage saving, implementing a 256bits security system. How is it possible?

We use a chaotic system and non linear operations which assures the pseudo-randomness of the cyphered sequences. Imagine two clay balls of different colours. A boy plays with them mixing one with the other, until he ends with a one colour ball. The "operations" are so simple that even a baby can do them, but it´s impossible to get the inverse function: Nobody expects that if you give the one colour ball to somebody he will be able to get back the two clay balls with their different colours! Our encryption system is based on the same principle: very simple operations (and fast ones!) which can not be reversed.

You offer software (Enigmedia APP) and hardware (Enigmedia BOX). Which was the first one and how did you face the higher entry barriers of hardware sector?

We want to start with Enigmedia Box bur the problem were the selling times and the initial invest needed to start selling it. From there, we went to to the App, for being able to open a breach an offer the "HW" as as an add-on to the platform.


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