Friday, July 31, 2015

Turn for General Motors: starting up its cars remotely

The automobile industry can call the summer of 2015 its "summer horribilis". If last week two hackers embarrassed Chrysler, leaving one of its cars without brakes and stopping the engine in the motorway, now is the turn for General Motors: the app which can open their cars and get them started has been hacked. We start with this news and we'll continue with a major security alert involving Internet infrastructure, the attempts to securize Facebook accesses and the cybersecurity biggest event on the planet, Black Hat, which opens tomorrow.

The hack to General Motors is a preview of a talk that possibly will have a great audience in Defcon, which will be celebrated just after the Black Hat, also in Las Vegas. A hacker from Los Angeles has created a device, which he calls OwnStar, which hacks OnStar, the communication channel of General Motors cars. OwnStar can find and steal the necessary credentials to open them and set them up remotely.

Anoter failure in BIND

But if today we have a truly serious news relating to cybersecurity is undoubtedly the hole discovered in BIND, the oldest and popular DNS server. Millions of machines have it installed but, although it has always been a loophole, its widespread implementation make very difficult its replacement. This time, the failure allows anyone to send a simple message to the server, making it fall. According to experts, in an hour you could pull all public BIND servers, which means virtually the entire DNS infrastructure, basic for Internet. They have to patch it!

Facebook improves its security

Another important security holes sink is Facebook. Today the social network announced the launch of a new tool designed to better protect the accounts of its users. It's called Security Chekup and it adds security checks to the accounts. One of the main problems which solves this tool is that the owners of the accounts don't log out when no longer use them. Security Checkup will be available over next weeks.

Tomorrow begins the Black Hat

We finish with a recommendation for the weekend and the next week. Starting tomorrow take place in Las Vegas the most important security conferences in the world: the Black Hat and, afterwards, the DefCon. Most of the shocking news we reported this month are related to the lectures which will be presented there. If you can travel, do not miss it. And if  you can not, stay tuned to the screens because, surely, we will have more news from Las Vegas.

We wish our readers a good weekend and we challenge you to visit us on Sunday to read our interview. This week the president of the Congress No CoN Name , Nico Castellano.


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