Monday, July 6, 2015

Supposed hackers who worked for governments humiliated

Today everybody in infosec world talk about the company Hacking Team, which used to make "little works" and sold spy software to governments and has been hacked, humiliated and brought it to its knees amid hacker community laughter. Laughs? Yes. We´ll talk about this, and also about a teenager´s feat who is 20 years old but an expert malware programmer. we´ll talk about a wireless battery charging device and we´ll end inquiring what people use to ask to hackers.

The Italian company Hacking Team was reported by different organisms, RSF among them, for working for oppressive governments, like Sudan, Egypt or Ethiopia, selling them the technology to spy journalists or dissidents. Yesterday, somebody entered in the company Twitter account and published a link to a torrent file which contains more than 400 GB with inner documents, mails, audio... stolen from the company computers.

20 years old virus writer

The community analyzes now this info and is slowly publishing the results, which involve governments from all around the planet which worked with Hacking Team. Other news will hardly surpass the noise generated by this matter, but some of them did it, as the discovering of a 20 years old Brazilian considered responsible of the developing and spreading of more than 100 Bank Torjans. Quite a thing!

Wireless recharging 

Today also comes to our attention an Ernergous Corporation announcement: WhattUp, a wireless charger for all kind of batteries. WhattUp communicates with other devices via a Bluetooth module and send the the energy by radiofrecuency, up to 5 meters. The truth is we want to test it and we could when it arrives to the market, at the end of this year.

Spy my girlfriend

We end up with something to read when we have a peaceful moment, if the Hacking Team saga lets us: we propose a text in which Chema Alonso compiles the top ten weird hacking demands he has received, with any kind of people asking him illegal things like hack and ex boyfriend computer or spy a husband´s messages.

We end up this more than shacked Monday in infosec community, and we wish the week will cool down. We,ll see it.  


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