Thursday, July 30, 2015

Now, United Airlines could have been hacked

The company continues denying it but it seems to be more and more evidences that computer elite mercenaries have assaulted the second US airline, United Airlines, robbing data from their passengers. United Airlines is the reference airline of the government, where their political, military and other VIPs fly. We will expand this information, we'll also talk about a new use that the cybercrime is giving to Twitter, a new tool for our electronic privacy and where is better not to go on vacation with our drone.

The Black Vine group, supposedly paid by the Chinese government and responsible of millionaire data theft from the insurer Anthem and the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) from the US government, might have attacked United Airlines in spring. Increasingly insistent rumors suggest it. Over the recent months the company network has fallen several times and United Airlines has launched a program of "bug bounty". In April, someone posted false domain named James Rhodes, a character from Marvel Comics. Black Vine usually sign their "jobs" with references to Marvel.

A botnet with Twitter

And let's continue with another cyber enemy of the United States. According to the company FireEye, blackhats paid by Russia would have used Twitter in a very imaginative way in their attacks over the government and the US defense industries: computers previously infected would have the order every day to visit different Twitter account, where hackers would publish a link, a number and different letters. The link would point to a web site with different images. The zombie computer will choose the one with the size indicated by the number. Related to the lyrics, they would be part of the key to unlock the instructions hidden in the image.

How do you type?

Now we descend from the heights to discuss a new extension for Chrome invented by the renowned security expert Paul Moore. Many already known that from our behavior at computer, how we type or how we use the mouse, it's possible to create a profile which can be used by the device to know that we are ourselves, without typing passwords. But this benign use has another side because it can monitorize us from our behavioral profiles. To avoid this, Moore has created an extension that adds "noise" to our movements.

Drones on holidays

We finish with an eye put on holidays: the drones are slowly ceasing to be expensive toys reserved for a few people and we're starting to discover new applications for them such as putting a camera and make different videos of our holidays. We notify that there are countries, such as Thailand, where it is forbidden for civilians to make flying drones. And others, like New Zealand, where on August 1st, it will come into force a law that will require permission from the owners of the land where you want to fly the drone, prohibiting to do so in public places.

Because we just don't want  to ruin our readers' holidays. You are welcome. That is what we are here for.


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