Thursday, July 23, 2015

Nothing works for the Hacking Team customers

Two weeks after the company Hacking Team asked their customers that they have to stop using their monitoring systems, everything remains the same. Cops and spies all around the world can not use the programs bought by hundreds of thousands of dollars. We'll expand on this, as well as other news which continue to be generated by the Hacking Team case, the drama of this summer: a study on the market 0days and another on the high quality of its virus for Android. We'll also talk about the US officials big data theft, another snake alive and kicking.

The magazine "Motherboard" has been able to speak with a Hacking Team customer, who says: "Everything is down, Hacking Team will need months to temporarily restore the service.". The challenge is not only to lift the monitoring system. With the global spread of internal company documentation, flaws in popular software have been discovered and they're already solved by the companies, the antivirus have been updated thanks to this information and security experts have discovered the Hacking Team tricks. How we can return to the past?

China did not do so

We left a fertile topic to focus on another issue: the data theft of 21.5 million US administration officials. Until now, China was accused for this theft, but today we woke up with news saying that the US government has decided not to publicly accuse China for the intrusion, partly because if they should reveal classified information on its own espionage and competencies in cyberspace. So that's it: delete that of "China did it."

Sophisticated malware

And back to Hacking Team: according to TrendMicro, Android malware that used the Italian company is the most sophisticated ever seen. We knew that, to infect their victims, they had a fake application hosted on Google Play. Now we know that the Remote Control System for Android could also infect via SMS or phishing in email. Once inside the phone, it allowed to take screenshots and photos, to record calls and whatever was spoken by phone, geographical location, capture passwords, contacts, SMS, Gmail messages and a lot of other things.

0days market

Just as always, we finish with a text to read in peace. This time we present a study of great interest, created from email messages and documents disclosed by the Hacking Team case. Vlad Tsyrklevich is the author of this excellent research work that brings a lot of good information on the current market 0days. Don't miss it!

We remind our readers that yesterday began the RSA Conference Asia Pacific & Japan. We will follow it looking for interesting information. If not here, you will find links on our Twitter account.


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