Monday, July 13, 2015

More dirty laundry about Hacking Team Revealed

The Italian government and the main ISP in the country would be in collusion with the company Hacking Team, which sold spy  programs to police and secret services of all over the world. The collective analysis of documents stolen from Hacking Team still goes on and we discovered that the startup was not alone: It had major companies behind and Italian politicians who used their products. Today we also speak of a United Nations agreement on cyberwar, outraged by the sentence of one of the members of Lizard Squad and how is the virtual currency Bitcoin up following the situation in Greece.

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After discovering that Hacking Team worked with governments which do not respect human rights last week, the research on emails and stolen documents from the company deepen into new areas, such as its relationship with important names in Italian industry and politics, who helped the startup to grow. Today we learned that Hacking Team hijacked IP addresses, with the connivance of ISP Aruba, helping Italian police in an investigation.

You will not attack your neighbor's network

Things like this happen, among other reasons, by the lack of some basic rules of behavior of governments on the Internet. The United Nations want to put a solution and agreed to a set of rules which all nations should respect. Among them: Never a single nation should not intentionally damage the critical infrastructure of another country using cyber attacks , should not attack those responsible for cyber emergency and must help other nations who are investigating cyber attacks. We'll see if they pay heed to it...

17 years and 50,000 cybercrimes

We continue with a case which has caused great dissatisfaction and indignation in the community of American infosec. A Finnish judge has convicted a 17-year-old member of the group Lizard Squad for more than 50,000 cybercrimes, including stealing data and fraudulent payments, The guy was famous for orchestrating serious DDoS attacks against online gaming sites. The judge sentenced him to two years, which he will not comply. The kid has changed its description in Twitter for "God untouchable hacker".

Greece raises the Bitcoin

We end talking about Bitcoin, which is following its spiraling in recent days and is already above the 300 USD. The reason: the crisis in Greece. And it´s that the Greeks are looking for alternatives to their lack of currency and found an ally in the new technologies: apps which report cashiers with money, online lenders without interest and cash Bitcoins.

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