Monday, July 20, 2015

Millions of adulterers with their data on air

It happened again: the data base of an online dating website has been stolen. This time, we're talking about 37 million people affected from, the main website of this kind, which has this motto: "Life is short. Have an affair". We'll talk about this information and we'll also deal with a very actual topic, 2 weeks after it was discovered: #HackingTeam.

A group called The Impact Team claimed the data theft from through a manifest where it's explained why they did it: the dating website collected 19 dollars from its users to delete their data, a service which provided, only in 2014, 1,7 million dollars to the company. However, data was not deleted and names, addresses and credit card numbers were intact in their data base. It sounds like a...vengeance? We'll see what will do The Impact Team wit this information, very greedy for criminals or blackmailers.

Drones to attack wifis

This week which is starting we can't give up our main topic since the beginning of the month: the theft of a half terabyte of private data from the italian company Hacking Team. We discover now a new customer of Hacking Team: a Boeing dealership company which produce drones. They asked the italians for a way of access, from a drone, to the wifi of a target in order to inject it malware. Excellent, would say Homer Simpson's boss.

Don't encrypt only the passwords

We have also known how they commited one of the biggest data thefts in the Internet history, not only because of its size, but especially because of the importance of he information contained. The theft, as the experts suspected, was commited from inside: someone entered the computer of a Hacking Team worker. He had his passwords saved and encrypted in the computer but this protection was useless, being an interior attack.

HT case presumed suicide 

We finish with another new linked to the Hacking Team leak, this time a sad new which was unpredictable: an official from the South Korea Intelligence Service has been found dead, possibly a suicide, after the scandal generated because of the use of programs of Hacking Team by the agency. The opposition reported that they were used to monitor people and not only for cyber defense against external enemies.

The Hacking Team topic has long and complex ramifications, this summer snake, which supposes an important incident in the world of ciber security and cyber war.


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