Wednesday, July 8, 2015

It´s better not to use Flash Player today

The flood of information about the leak to the company Hacking Team is remitting and we awoke with some corpses in the sand. The most urgent is a Flash Player 0day discovered in the assault and which some criminals have already joined it to their exploits. We will expand this news and discuss others: hacked missiles, 3D printers used to commit a crime and the narration of two weeks of cohabitation with the worst people in the dark network: The monsters of pedophilia.

The company Symantec has confirmed the existence of a previously unknown vulnerability in Adobe Flash which allows to remotely execute code on the  computer. Hacking Team company offered customers to enter foreign machines, and now that it is known, criminals have begun to use with the same intent. Tomorrow we will have the patch and meanwhile, experts recommend disabling Adobe Flash in the browser or uninstalling it.

Missiles doing "strange" things

Others who are pretty stressed are the German military, as published by "Der Spiegel": German soldiers had located several Patriot missiles on Turkey's border with Syria. Suddenly, the missiles began to make "strange" things, no make it clear that they were obeying orders or who was giving these orders. It has been seriously speculated that the system might have been exploited by hackers.

Print a gun

And after the missiles we continue to... 3D printers. They are the flagship of the third industrial revolution, they can create wonderful things almost magically, but are also begin to used by criminals groups like  Spanish and Bulgarian  criminals arrested in 2014 accused of creating cards for mobile phones and fake credit cards. Or people whose curiosity becomes dangerous, as Cody Wilson, who printed a gun and issued instructions on the Internet, which were quickly erased by the US government.

14 days among pedophiles

We end up with a reading which will terrify our more sensitive readers readers, but it is also a reality which must be disclosed as it represents the worst crime which is being committed in the network: a technician, adoptive father of a girl who was a victim of pedophilia, set up a service to hunt pedophiles in the Dark Web. The story of how he did it is very interesting to learn more about this scourge and how to fight it.

Hopefully Internet should serve only to magnify the human mind and consciousness, but unfortunately we all have a light and a dark side . And the network is nothing more than our mirror.


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