Thursday, July 9, 2015

Is it normal the failure of an aircraft, the stock exchange and a newspaper?

The US government has denied there were cyberattacks, but the magazine "Wired" do not hesitate to speak of cíberarmageddon. Cause yesterday an airline and the New York Stock Exchange had to stop their activity due to computer problems, while the website of the "Wall Street Journal" fell apart. And all, a day after the leak of Hacking Team, about which has delivered its opinion the EFF. We will also talk about Encryption on iPhone and a new APT: Wild Neutron.

Senator Bill Nelson said in his Twitter account that the three incidents seemed consequences of attacks and related this issue to his field asking the US Congress for a new law on cyber security. The government and the concerned companies have denied him, speaking of automatic and computer failures. Who knows but, in any case, they are still so many coincidences at the same time.

The EFF is surprised

Moreover, the drama of the assault to the Italian company Hacking Team is still on the air. Today we received the opinion of the main pro-cyber organization network, Electronic Frontier Foundation. In a statement, they highlight the "surprising number of democratic nations which are using invasive spyware, in the total absence of a public debate on its use." EFF also claims that Hacking Team was exporting uncontrolled weapons programs considered weapons by the Wassenaar treaty.

Damned iPhones

While cybersecurity community had its eyes on Hacking Team, it has intensified the debate which pits the US government and big companies like Apple or Google, for the use of encryption in their products. Today we know a new government argument: only in the prosecutor's office in Manhattan, there are 74 iPhones encrypted disks which are obstructing investigations by law enforcement, due to the inability to access its contents.

Wild Neutron

We end up with an Advanced Persistent Threat called "Wild Neutron" returning to attack with force. His victims since 2011 are high-profile corporations which are attacked with a combination of malicious code. In 2013 it infected Apple, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft. Now it returns to the fray against the well known electronic equipment production company Acer.

If something is confirmed by such serious incidents, accentuated in recent days, is that absolutely no one is safe. New ways to protect us must be studied.


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