Friday, July 17, 2015

How to tell 20 million people that have been hacked?

The Office of Personnel Management of the government of the United States is facing its second major challenge, after recognizing that they were robbed of their personal data files of over 20 million people. The challenge is: How do I notify them? We talk about it, as well as a detention reminds us never extinct scheme of  White hacker during day and black hacker by night. Also discuss an attack that distracts a victim while they install a virus and personal initiative that makes available a wealth of information on cybercrime black markets.

Last week, the US government recognized two attacks on his office files of Personnel Management, where  very important personal data have stolen of 21.5 million people, including details of sexual behavior, extramarital adventures abuse drugs, financial problems and criminal records. The big problem now is how to centralize information and notifyaffected. A challenge that quite possibly they will learn new things.

Hacker by day, criminal by night

Another story that has caught our attention is the old scheme of hacker during day and evil criminal by night. We have seen in FireEye worker who has been arrested in the raid on the forum of dark network, Darkode. Morgan Culbertson, aka Android, only 20, is accused of creating andselling a virus called dendroid: $ 300 for the virus and 65,000 to its source code. Day, Culbertson worked FireEye analyzing virus.

They call them to distract

Speaking of viruses, researchers at Palo AltoNetworks warn against a new threat, the work of the same group responsible for CrazyDuke, Seaduke and other "duke". This time send their victims a link or a .pdf about terrorism that have a virus. To distract them while the malicious code is installed, they phone and distract them with a recording of a journalist who seeks information for a report.

Everything you wanted to know about the Dark Web

We ended up this week with a recommendation that will have occupied all weekend to people who are interested in it. It is about a file of 50 GB where a researcher has entered all the information that has been copied in the last three years in the black market network. A compilation certainly priceless that has come through the spanish mailing list RootedCON.

And with that and a biscuit ... We challenge them to enjoy our interview Sunday that this week is the guest to Miguel Angel Arroyo, founder of the Hack & Beers meetings.


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