Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Emergency patch for Windows because of the Hacking Team case

The company Microsoft has released an emergency patch to fix a critical failure that affects all versions of Windows. Rumors say that  this is due to the 0day discovered in the stolen info from Hacking Team. The topic is still kicking with all sorts of new information. We will detail it and we'll also discuss other summer topic: the great assault to the staff US government offices of management, which have forced to implement security changes that do not have everyone happy.

The fault lies in the Windows Adobe Type Manager bookstore. In case of being exploited, it would allow an attacker to remotely execute code or, in other words, to have total control of the victim's computer. A really serious failure present in all versions of Windows and, as stated by the company FireEye, it would be part of the arsenal of 0days which have been discovered from the Italian firm Hacking Team. It's scary to think how long and what targets have been using this exploit.

HT exploit detector 

More news related to Hacking Team, from the detection of attacks in Japan where exploits discovered in the leak are been used, to the research carried out by the company to discover the thiefs, believed that ex-employees are involved. Our readers can find links to the information in our Twitter account. We show here the information about this subject that we consider the most important today: a company has released a free tool to detect if our computers contain malicious code sold by Hacking Team.

Government insecurity

Across the Atlantic, in the United States is still recent the largest data theft suffered by the US government: 21.5 million employees affected by the gap in the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). The government is implementing security measures that some consider just a window-dressing, without getting deep into problems that are alive years ago. An example: "External auditors identified 69 vulnerabilities in the networks of a government agency last year. Officials assured the government auditors that they had solved 24 of these problems, but the researchers found that only 14 had been really resolved.".

Zero Days

If this happens in the networks of the, theoretically, world's most powerful government, we can't even imagine what must be happening in the rest ... just like always with a amusement to our minds so tired of instant news. Today we present a documentary called "Zero Days" production of Dutch public television, which shows some of the major names in the world of cybersecurity, including Eric Rabe, spokesman Hacking Team, before the disaster.

So we started talking about Hacking Team and we end in the same way. Many twists gives life to end in the same place. We wish our readers a nice and cool day.


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