Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A month of community services for the biggest attack in the history of Internet

The DDoS bombing Spamhaus, an organization dedicated to fight spam, began March 15, 2013 and was so brutal that came to slow down the operation of the entire Internet, with a force of 300 gigabits per second of traffic. One of its authors, a teenager, has just been sentenced to 240 hours of community services, a derisory punishment. We will discuss it, as well as the next Internet Law in China, the banking Trojan Dyre landing in Spain and Hacking Team spyware which hides in the BIOS.

Seth Nolan McDonagh, alias "narko", began his criminal activity at the "tender" age of 13. Among others, he devoted himself to knock websites by request. After his arrest in April 2013 it was discovered that he had 72,000 pounds in a bank account and 1,000 credit card numbers. Just yesterday we mentioned the case of another teenager, Lizard Squad member, sentenced to two years in Finland without complying conviction. Derisory punishments according to critics, against the gravity of the damage caused. So it seems that Internet allows someone to be the worst cybercrime even before you have beard. How to punish it?

New Internet law in China

If those guys were in China, their "joke" wouldn't have gone so cheap. The Asian giant is preparing a new Internet law that legally confirms the government the authority to close the Internet in case of "serious social incidents" to block foreign sites, delete content and monitor the people who will be forced to use his real name to register in any network services. Note that's not so dissimilar to the new and restrictive laws which are being approved in occident.

17 banks, objectives Dyre

We continue with a warning to many readers who follow us from Spain: the banking Trojan Dyre seems willing to spend the holidays with us, experts say. Criminals who work with this Trojan have adapted to the following objectives 17 Spanish banks and several European banks installed in Spain. So be careful with mail messages that ensure proceeding from a Spanish bank: you must be very careful and call the bank to confirm that what they say in the mail is true.

Buy me a virus for BIOS

We finish with Hacking Team, which has already become the snake of the summer: information of this company is constantly popping up . One of the most troubling is its use of spyware hiding in your computer's BIOS, which made them virtually invulnerable to detection or even destruction, just because as much as we format the computers, BIOS is still intact. It's a good advice to have the BIOS updated and protected with password.

We thought that the virus in the BIOS were a "delicatessen" used only by the NSA and now we know that some Italians were selling them like hotcakes. The world of cybersecurity is a neverending surprise.


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