Friday, June 12, 2015

You are your best antivirus

Possibly it would be a robot in the future. But now the one in front of a computer is mainly a human being., with its conscious and unconscious mind, its traumas and its virtues, a whole inner world which has a huge influence on infosec. That was the subject of a congress we will talk about. Today we have walked on the teaching side, so we´ll explain how to securize our mail, what can happen if we leave the hard disk opened and how to act when facing a ciberattack.

An interesting workshop has taken place in Washington this week. "Security and human behavior", with selected speakers form infosec sector who have shared talks with psychologists and anthropologists. Together they have debated about the design of  cybersecurity systems from a psychological and perception point of view, about the problems related with living in permanent risk environments and, of course, about the attacks which use social engineering. It´s worth to have a look to the resumes.

 We still have not a clear perceptions about the dangers we are facing because a relaxed security, in our attitude and in our informatics systems. This entry is a warning bell: routers and hard drives with an opened remote access are indexed by search engines and everybody can see it content, from curriculum and receipts to bank account movements or webcams. Be careful with that!

Another aspect we should keep an eye on are our mail accounts. Even if we are talking about matters not interesting for the NSA, it could be so for detectives hired by our ex husband, stalkers, thieves, blackmailers, or unhappy employees. Among other basic rules, as having good passwords and changing them often, we should check that we don have any fake apps or fraudulent re directions in our accounts.

We finish with another round of advises, for companies suffering cyberattacks this time. What can we do in those moments, when panic and paranoia flood the directives minds? Leaving space for calm and following the steps of the security policy of the company. What if you don´t have a security policy? At least you can keep a photocopy of this article. A common and old-fashioned photocopy? Yes.

Is than when a virus can cypher all your files and an attacker can steal or manipulate them, even destroying the systems, it´s better to have something stored on a drawer to tell us how to keep on. Have a good weekend, dear readers.


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