Friday, June 5, 2015

What does China seek by stealing millions of US citizen's data?

Today all the media, large and small, are teeming with the same news: the US government reports the data theft of 4 million of its officials and attributes it to China, who has been quick to deny it. We will try to interpret it in its context and we'll also talk about the new documents which showed a shocking reality: the NSA spies on alleged hackers without a warrant. We will stop too in a guy's story who made a program to create ransomware and we will end up with an interesting Fire Eye report on a group dedicated to elite attacks.

It's not the first time the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and other agencies of the US government, accused China of stealing data from their citizens en masse. China also is attributed an intrusion into two large insurance companies, Anthem and First, where personal data of millions of people were robbed. What would China attempt with this? According to "The New York Times", they could be trying to create a huge personal information file for later use in identifying persons of interest.

The hacker Kevin Mitnick has been very accurate in a tweet in which he commented: "So China is the bad guy. But what about the USA? how much data have they stole from China, and we don't even know?". One does not fight if there's no other who also wants to. By the way, speaking of cyber war, new Snowden's documents put in its place the euphoria for the legislative changes which limit the NSA ability to spy on American citizens. Secret agreements show how alleged hackers and their victims are been spied with no consent of the judges.

We continue with a touching story: someone created a kit which could create CryptoLocker type viruses like hotcakes. Intel Security unveiled it to the general public, and what was sold on the black market at very specific persons, became too big for its creator, which happened to be a kid, now frightened by the legal consequences of his invention. "I'm not a super hacker team, I'm just a teenage student," said before closing down.

And we ended up with a good text to read in a quiet moment this weekend: a research work of the FireEye company which reveals how operates an elite group specialized in targeted and persistent attacks during the last ten years. This team specifically, called APT30 and possibly of Chinese funding and origin, have been working in various countries in Asia, with all sorts of goals: political, economic and military.

And so it was which unintentionally, we started talking about supposedly Chinese attackers and we finished talking about a team of Chinese hackers too.  Just saying! We wish our readers a very nice weekend.


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