Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The FBI looses Megaupload and Megavideo because a mistake

They are definitely on the list of most popular domains of Internet history. Megaupload.com and Megavideo.com belonged to entrepreneur Kim Dotcom, whom the FBI arrested three years ago and seized his domains. But federal made a big mistake ... We will talk about it and also about a free VPN service which was not so, another attack devised by two Spaniards to steal money from credit cards and a strange story about the latest fashionable ransomware,Locker.

The FBI forgot to renew the domains which were seized from Kim Dotcom and soon dawned on websites full of "adware", rogue security programs, fraud, or redirecting visitors to porn sites. The good image of these domains among Internet users and their number of visits made them very attractive to fraudsters, according to researchers residing in a Gibraltar company. The FBI has recovered domains and closed access.

And let a serious failure that will remain in anecdote, another serious incident which shows when something is free on the Internet, the business is you. It has been discovered that the Israeli free service Virtual Private Networks (VPN) "Hello" was reselling the bandwidth of its users without their permission. Last week, someone used that giant botnet to launch a DDoS service 8chan.

Another who has discovered an important thing has been the author of Locker ransomware, or someone acting on his behalf, who has written on Pastebin that he regrets his creation and offers victims the keys to decrypt the encrypted files Locker. This was the last ransomware fashionable, a new utility: remain dormant on computers and awaken all the same day, specifically on 25 May.

We finish talking about the echoes of the Hack In The Box conference held last week in Amsterdam where many Spanish researchers presented their work, including Ricardo J. Rodríguez and José Vila, who demonstrated how it is possible to attack a NFC credit card in our pocket from our Android phone. We will  follow closely those two bright subjects addicted to cons.

And while the world of mobile security is not settled, we encourage our readers to download the less apps as possible. For your peace of mind! Have a nice day.


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