Sunday, June 28, 2015

"Soon, being robbed bank data will be the least of our problems"

Shmulik Regev, Head of Security Innovation, Security Systems Division IBM. Speaker in the summer course Innovation in security applied to the protection of digital identity   

Shmulik Regev leads the Security Innovation Team for IBM Security unit. Shmulik, who joined IBM through the Trusteer acquisition, was the first employee to join Trusteer as Chief Architect, and was instrumental in the vision and development of all Trusteer’s flagship products and its Cloud development and operations (which he established). Prior to founding Trusteer, Shmulik was the Director of R&D at Blue Security. Regev was the founder and CTO of VirtualSelf (acquired by TDNet on 2004). He also worked for Ubique and Scitex as software architect. He holds a M.Sc. in pure mathematics.

Why did you get into this?

By this you mean the security field, right? Curiosity and the technical challenges.

What motivates you to continue?

Continuous challenges and the adrenaline associated with the fast changing threat landscape. Plus there are so many cool technologies involved it is hard not to enjoy it.

What concerns you of today's world of cybersecurity?

The infiltration of technology and cyber threats into our physical lives following the tremendous progress of IoT. Soon stolen credit card data will be the least of our problems. This worries me quite a bit and indeed my team is devoting time and effort to come up with relevant protection mechanisms. I’m pretty happy with what we got to so far and optimistic about our plans.

Any phrase which is a maxim in your everyday life?

With relation to working with a creative team like the innovation team, I really like the following saying which I understand as the importance of empowering people. Give as few orders as possible. Once you’ve given orders on a subject, you must always give orders on that subject. – Duke Leto Atreides, “Dune” (Frank Herbert). And I have the following line on a poster in my room: Inspiration, move me brightly. - Robert Hunter, “Terrapin Station” .

In addition to a large security sector professional, you're a real entrepreneur, with several companies and technologies sold to larger companies. What is Virtual Self?

VirtualSelf developed a federated search with unique text analysis algorithms. It targeted search within an organization across a large number of disparate information sources. It was my first time as a startup founder as such it was a very interesting and challenging role both technically and management-wise.

What are you currently working as Head of Security Innovation at IBM?

As head of Security Innovation my team is charted with innovating across the entire IBM Security product line, from low level kernel code to cloud security, analytics , data protection and mobile. Quite a significant technical surface to cover. We are currently working on IoT security (addressing the problems at the endpoints, the “things”), server protection (primarily at the OS and hypervisor level), a cloud content inspection platform and a couple of other things I can’t be publicly discussed.

What cyberthreats are becoming ever more common in the corporate world?

Social engineering, spear phishing - humans are the weakest link so adversaries naturally start with them. And as security tools are generally getting better, employees are a very lucrative target. Especially those with access to sensitive data.


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