Monday, June 15, 2015

Snowden: the hacked hacker

Can a cyber attack be a threat to the lives of British and north American spies? The answer is affirmative, at least if you steal classified files from the secret services. Documents stolen by Edward Snowden from the National Security Agency which now Russia and China have robbed him. What a mess! Today, we’ll also talk about a new attack against chinese dissidents, although they use Tor, we’ll be surprised with another hack against Uber and finally we’ll see an interesting infography about the cybersecurity in Spain.   

The newspaper "The British Sunday Times" has published the beliefs of the British Government, which suppose that Russia and China could have hacked the almost two millions of the classified data which had been stolen from the NSA by Snowden. This fact might have threatened the lives of the secret agents who work in Russia and China, forcing to abort several operations. 

We stay in China because an investigation by Jaime Blasco, from the company Alienvault, shows a new kind of attack used in websites from NGOs and the Islamic and "uyghur" minorities in China, to spy a little number of their visitors, freedom of expression supporters. Some webs could have this trap installed, without their knowledge, since 2013. The attack allows to spy Tor users too. 

Another much less important attack is the one suffered by the Uber website. We decided to point it because of the repeated security problems in this company.  Recently, Uber, made headlines for the theft of its customer’s database, theft which haven’t been acknowledged, despite some of the customer’s files have been spotted in the Internet black markets. Now, its requests page have been redirected to one of its competitors, Lyft, as a joke from the attacker.

We finish with a recommendation, this time we’re not talking about a complex text, but of an interesting infography made by the company Buguroo: “8 facts about cybersecurity in Spain which you didn’t know”. We discover that eight out of ten Spanish Banks have been cyberattacked, that the most used passwords are the ones related to food or that almost half of the programs we use are illegal.   

Congratulations for Buguroo and their initiative, which nowadays succeed in social networks. With it, we wish a good week start to our readers.  


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