Thursday, June 25, 2015

Samsung bumps off Windows Update

It was a mystery of the mysterious: recently, many consumers complaint about Samsung computers, where the "Windows Update" utility was disappearing, leaving your unit free program updates at the mercy of cyber attacks. It was thought to be a virus until a researcher discovered the truth. We will reveal it and also discuss the notice of false invoices of Movistar, the state of the art of cybersecurity in financial institutions and facial recognition, increasing more and more without laws which limit it.

Patrick Barker researcher has found that Samsung disables Windows Update to run their own utility, SWUpdate, which also manages updates but only from their drivers. Samsung's answer to this nonsense which leaves Windows users unprotected has been that Windows Update installs default drivers that work on all computers , "that sometimes work and sometimes not." So,in order to install the appropriate drivers you must disable Windows Update SW Update. Logical.

Movistar bills are virus

Movistar alerts about the false invoices being sent on their behalf, from the email account The message urged to visit a link to check your phone bills or to open a .pdf attachment. The message is well written and gives the trick, so be very careful with that. Another false invoices from other companies are running but without warning us.

Finances receive 300% more attacks

Websense researchers warn that financial services are the number one victim of cyber criminals. Specifically they receive 300% more attacks, more sophisticated and of more persistent nature. The deceptions are commonly directed against the finance sector: 1 in 3 incidents. The main objectives of the criminals operating in this field are stealing credentials and data.

"I will remember your face"

We finish with an interesting text that tells us about the great privacy issue that is becoming facial recognition. Artificial intelligence programs using Facebook can recognize a face even if we mask it. Facial recognition is being more and more used, even in churches in the United States, or to find lost pets and of course controlled by the police. The problem is that there are not laws which put limits to this sector.

The technological revolution is going so fast that we are lucky to survive between innovation waves, we should expect to sit quietly and set the rules.


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