Wednesday, June 10, 2015

MDMA is the most sold drug on Internet black markets

Swedes, Poles and Norwegians are the best customers of the drugs black  market on the Internet acording to the statistics shown on the "Global Drug Survey 2015" which devotes a large section to this new consumer habit. We will discuss these statistics and will talk about what can earn a computer criminal, iCloud photos theft  and its use for blackmailing and how the FBI might be about to hunt down those responsible for the CelebGate. Here we go.

According to the Global Drug Survey, 5.8% of drug users worldwide have purchased in the Dark Net, the most purchased drugs in these markets, mainly MDMA powder (37.2%), followed by LSD (30 , 3%), MDMA pills (26.5%) and Cannabis (17.8% and 14.9% in cannabis resin). Buyers come mainly from Sweden (18%), Poland (13.9%), Norway (11.7%), Denmark (11.6%), UK (12.2%) and Spain would be around 3,3%.

The differences between buying drugs in the Real World and on the Internet make it even more interesting: in the Dark Net there are less risks for personal integrity (3.3% versus 17.9% in the MR), less risk of being arrested by police (4.2% vs. 11.9%), of being cheated with the price (37.9% versus 75.3%), the product not containing the desired substance (11.1 % versus 40.8%) or not being pure (27.2% versus 74.2%). The main problem of the Dark Net is you can lose money by instability of Bitcoin (21.2% vs. 4.1%), there is more danger of fraud or theft of our money (27.2% versus 10, 9%), for example having to pay before receiving the product (66% versus 32%), and another risk: the customs office keeps our purchase (12.6% versus 3% in the Real World).

We don´t go out of the Dark Net to recommend reading an article about the salary a criminal with computer hacking knowledge may charge: The firm Trustwave estimates it in $ 84,000 per month. Being a trafficker of exploits or ransomware, is now one of the most profitable business in the black markets, and could have a profit margin of 1.425 percent. Almost nothing.

We finish launching a serious warning to people who use the cloud to stock personal photos containing nudity or sexual videos. There are more and more crimes commited by ex-couples or blackmailers who steal this kind of pictures and use them as revenge, exposing them to social networks or blackmailing the victim. Indeed, in 2014 thousands of celebrities had their private photos exposed in the called CelebGate, which is still being investigateds by the FBI. Likely there will be arrests soon.

So it´s our daily recap, very focused on the Global Drug Survey today because, containing unique data, not seen in any other media, it seemed interesting to highlight it.


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