Sunday, June 14, 2015

"I prefer tingling of pentesting to giving a lecture"

Pablo González Pérez, cyber security divulger and co-founder of Flu-Project 

Judging by his initials, Pablo Gonzalez Perez was predestined to be devoted to computer security. His Linkedin's resume is synonym of respect: he has written six books, has given a lot of lectures and classes, is the expert in Metasploit, coordinator of Hack & Beers event in Madrid... and he is only 28 years! P.G.P. Claims to be "a simple person", but his eyes shine like the restless boy he was when at age 4 knew load games on his brother's Amstrad, who "was surprised when he saw that little child turning on computer, tinkering with it and then leaving it in its site and not breaking it. "

Pablo has grown working in the same company. He studied at the Rey Juan Carlos University and finished the career with the award for Best Record. He entered Informatica64 as an intern and remained there, now Eleven Paths, until today. His good friend Juan Antonio Calles encouraged him to present the curriculum. Then both friends launched one of the most interesting and volunteer initiatives to spread information security facts: Flu-project.

How did you get into this?
Hacking began to call my attention at the very young age. I went to a school where we had computer classes, but all they taught us was office. That bored me a lot, because with 14 to 15 years I had other things in mind, and that classroom was one of my battlefields... I started to learn tools, I remember the mythical netbus, subseven, back oriffice, pqwak and pqwak2...

What is your motivation to continue?
Every day you expect something new. For me it is very important that what I do motivates me and in infosec every day is a new adventure.

Do you prefer a pentesting session or give a lecture?
Everything has its time and its art. I probably would choose the first one. Pentesting session causes tingling, like having butterflies in the stomach... LOL. In addition, the session pentesting can lead to a talk, so it is 2x1.

You have lots of Microsoft certifications. Why MS?
During my college scholarship, I was placed in the Information Services Unit and I had to manage Microsoft systems. When I arrived to Computers 64, my passion was security, but not my scholarship profile, so I was in Microsoft Consulting. Before long I could switch sides, luckily there we did everything.

The previous generation of hackers learned in networks. Does yours learn at universities?
My generation is still learning in networks. It is inconceivable that the university is a factory of hackers. A hacker is a person with the need to learn in itself, to know how things are, to improve their skills, to work for overcoming, and University will not give you that. It gives you tools so you can move forward, but University does not build the hacker.

Are there still hacker groups?
Today the network is much more global and there is more diversity for meetings, whether through groups, forums, even bars and conference rooms. We are evolving and hacker groups may seem kinda underground, but times they are a changing.

What is your own tool you use most?
Metasploit modules I'm doing. In addition, some scripts that I have to generate, coden in Ruby and sometimes Powershell, oh my god!

Have you ever penetrated another's computer?
This question is cheating, right? :) You have to do in the pentesting, but if we talk about privacy... LOL. Do you think that I was practising MS Word in high school computer class? Sorry teacher :)

Are you afraid of a global cyberwar?
Perhaps what I am most afraid of is the ignorance of European citizens about these issues. In the United States its citizens are really concerned  cyber war, they are aware and / or frightened; but in Europe cyberwar is left far, is like a film story... That's really what I'm afraid.

Does any sentence, which you have not used as a password, guide your steps?
This one accompanies me for many years: "The limit is your imagination". It is important to me, to remind me that with hard work, perseverance and imagination, you have no limits. Besides, I have special memory for a sentence at the begining of the Metasploit for Pentesters book: "Hope we never lack the desire to dream". Hacking world is a field where people can dream, and achieving those dreams is wonderful.

Author: Mercè Molist


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