Monday, June 1, 2015

Dangers come from where you do not expect

Thanks to the Internet we are more connected than ever. And this is so transcendent that has forever changed the communication model of our specie, and therefore the other facets which affect the future of our existence. Including technological risks have gone from being purely anecdotal to our daily bread, even displacing traditional industries crime as settled as drug dealing or theft.

So, one morning you wake up and you realize that anyone, having or not  technical knowledge, is able to create harmful computer products to earn money. We see it with Tox, a tool which allows to create an average ransomware to infect victimsto quickly, in a free and easy way. The creator of the tool (anonymous, of course), will retain 20% of transactions and the resting 80% will go to the cybercriminal, if the security forces do not catch him before.
The world changes so much and so fast that it seems difficult to keep up with changes. But instead, some things never change, like the eternal struggle between what is considered vulnerable and what not. Chema Alonso tells us in his blog how, after 39 versions and five years, Google has decided to report a bug in Chrome as vulnerable sent by his former company. And still it remains vulnerable, indeed.

Do you remember the "death message" affecting iOS devices we talked about last week? Apple is trying to solve it, but while the patch arrives, it has launched a recommendation: "Ask Siri for help". If any "joker" has sent it to you, open iMessage by Siri and respond to the message. In this way, you can access the message thread and delete without problems.

All this, as you can see, are abuses of technology which have arisen after its creation. In fact, this is the usual cycle: Technology-Vulnerability-Patch. But CERT wonders if we could anticipate some of these vulnerabilities when defining technology. And for that, what better way to learn science fiction can teach us: Howt will the vulnerabilities of the future be?
Because while we go one step back, we will be at a disadvantage and crime industry will continue to finance their misdeeds. Eradicate this will be very complex, but maybe we will be able to get ahead on some fronts. What do you think?


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