Tuesday, June 30, 2015

"Cybercrime generates more money than the weapons trade"

Daniel Solís, CEO and founder of Blueliv. Speaker in the Space of  Startups in the summer course on Cybersecurity Innovation applied to the protection of digital identities.

Daniel Solís is the visionary behind Blueliv. He's been working for 20 years making safer Information Technology and he's created many tools and award winners security solutions. Solís founded Blueliv with many years of experience in research and development. Before Blueliv, he was the Director of Information Protection and Business Capacity Reaction in KPMG. When not working hard, Daniel enjoys cooking for friends, diving into the Mediterranean and playing with his nephew.

Why did you get into this?

The concern and the need to create, to do things differently from the establishment is what moves an entrepreneur. When I created Blueliv they told me I was crazy, that I had a good job to give it up and, besides, that what I thought it was a new technology against cyberthreats was impossible to do, because it was not Google. That motivated me and helped me to see that I was doing the right thing.

What motivates you to continue?

The passion for what I do, the fact of being surrounded by people better than me. Knowing that I can fail at any time motivates me to try different things, to try everything. I like to think that today is the last day of my life, and if I am happy with what I do, I will have felt free to create, what is important to me.

What worries you of today's world of cybersecurity?

Cybercrime is a big problem, it generates more money than the weapons and drugs trade, for example. It is something that has a high social impact, because the money generated by the cybercrime industry is reinvested in other crimes such as trafficking, etc. Therefore, we must raise awareness socially and establish collaborative models against cybercrime among companies, organizations and users. If you do not join forces, there will be not only affected business but the whole society. Cybercrime is a new social problem which can affect any person directly or indirectly. Now we have resources to fight together against these crimes and we can do if we unite people.

Do you have any motto in your day by day life?

I have several, which are with me every day:

"Only a mediocre is at its best," William Somerset Maugham.
"If you want different results, do not do the same," Albert Einstein.
"A wise man is the one who knows how to be smart enough to hire people smarter than him," JF Kennedy.
"I am your father", Darth Vader (when I look at the technology we have created).

Blueliv offers a platform to detect digital threats. Tell us more in detail the full range of needs that you cover.

Our Blueliv Cyber Threat Intelligence technology is an intelligent platform to analyze cyber threats. It complements traditional security measures, which do not look outside the perimeter, do not allow us to anticipate problems that will happen or do not detect how serious will be the impact of a cyber threat.

Blueliv browses Internet through multiple sources of information and its analysis capability allows the customers protection against cyber threats in a fast, effective and easy to integrate way. Your cloud platform converts information over a wide spectrum of intelligence cyber threats in real time, predictive and actionable for each customer.

In addition to look at multiple sources, deep web, underground, crime servers..., allows you to monitor a wide range of cyber threats that, nowadays, no one else offers in the market. Currently it's used by different international customers: major financial institutions, telecommunications and energy companies and governments. On the other hand, technology has been so innovative that Blueliv has been recognized by Gartner as a "Cool Vendor".

What are the most common threats for your costumers?

Cybercrime is being devastating. That is why hacktivists organized groups or, on the other hand, criminal groups (such as mafias, cyberspies) and even governments are attacking the companies and their assets from many sides. Our clients suffer organized attacks against their technological assets exposed on the network and targeted malware attacks aimed to steal financial data, industry data or intellectual and industrial property. Furthermore, fraud is one of the threats that involve risks such as loss of competitiveness, economic losses, etc. which can lead to delicate or even fatal situations for organizations.

Blueliv also participates in the LEUKOS cybersec project, funded by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism. What it is and what role plays blueliv into it?

Blueliv leads the LEUKOS cybersec project, validated by the Ministry of Industry to continue the development of our technology and remain as a top project. LEUKOS is mainly focused on the crime server detection, installed without consent, or for fraudulent purposes in the technology assets of our customers. In this context, Blueliv is developing a new technology related to the scanning activities and identification servers, detection of vulnerabilities and extraction and standardization of cybercrime information hosted on the legitimate servers of our customers.

It's important to say that the project is designed to find out what level of impact has the installation of those crime servers and to inform the competent authorities so they can act over the malicious servers which can store the stolen data in the infected legitimate servers of our clients.


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