Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Be careful with virus containing images

Today is one of these days to be gloomy in terms of IT security. We can’t trust anymore in e-mail or web images because a hidden banking trojan has been discovered. Maybe that’s the way followed by the virus which attacked the personal computer of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. So here’s the problem: if they can hack a world leader who has all the IT security resources available, what can they do with us?

Dell researchers have discovered a virus, called Stegoloader, which has been spread hidden in .PNG images. Specifically it’s a banking trojan, being a forward line, according to the researchers, of a new form of virus spreading which uses steganography and javascript in order to be not detected. Stegoloader is not an experiment: it’s being already sold in the black market. Be very careful about that!  

We don’t leave the world of malware to inform about another risk: fake apps from Google Play which, once installed, download malware apps from unofficial markets. In order to achieve the victim’s download authorization, they engage in “alarmware” behaviours. They pressure all the time with sounds and warnings till the victim access installation. Nowadays, there’s a campaign related to fake apps for the game Minecraft.

We continue with two important news which now attract significant media attention, surely known by our always well informed readers. However, although they are well known news, we believe in our duty of pointing them, for anybody who want more information and also for our own files. We’re talking about the attack against Last Pass, the popular service which store passwords in the cloud. We recommend all the users to change every password, not only the master one.

Last but not least, today’s most important new: the inquiry about the cyber attack against German Parliament shows us that the very personal computer of Angela Merkel was infected by a trojan, spreading the malware to other computers of the Bundestag’s internal network.  

We hope this incident, which will force the German government to spend a lot of money renewing its software and hardware, will be a lesson to the highest political and business leaders.


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