Monday, June 29, 2015

"A man is bullying me on the Internet and nobody does anything"

Chantal, the pseudonym  of a 21 dutch girl, is the latest victim of cyberbullying. Her ex-boyfriend posted a sexually explicit video where she is easily recognized and, then, humiliation began for her. When a judge asked Facebook for the data corroborating the guilt of the ex-boyfriend, the company which saves more data said that they had erased it. We'll talk about it and we'll give good advices to act if you are a victim of online bullying, also mentioning another survey that warns about the lack security in the web discussing the case of a corrupt patch that "bundled brown."

Internet bullying does not stop increasing. We're talking about a 22% annual increase, but no one really knows for sure, most cases go unreported, and when they are, it depends on many factors that the victim problem can be investigated. One of these factors is the collaboration of social networks, a bullying territory par excellence. In A webmaster on the side of evil reviewed the status of this issue and ask: " Should businesses like Facebook, Twitter or Google allow bullies to see that destroy a person 's life is easy with them?”.

Do not respond to the bully 

How to act if we are bullied on the Internet?. Some good advice is to never respond to messages or bullying calls, record the date, place and what has happened, do not delete the offending messages and, if possible, have screenshots, never open attachments sent by the bully, nor links, tell someone responsible, whether the security officers of the company you work, whether the police.

The media, the most insecure

The network crimes are not increasing just because there is more and more criminals. Our attitude is very important to stop them. It's surprising that so many companies do not have internalized it, if we pay attention to the latest survey by the OnlineTrust Alliance: 46% of the top sites on the web, including banks, government websites, social networks and media fail protecting the safety and privacy of its users. The worst part belongs to the media and the Internet of Things, with values ​​around 80%.

The patch that "made a mess"

Along with companies and users, companies engaged in security have a great responsibility in making a safer Internet, but sometimes things go wrong ...Tell that to Sophos: Web Appliance Sophos update had a patch that had been corrupted and left two days out of the network the call center of a global company founded in Australia. An example of computering that shows sometimes the cure is worse than the disease.

We started the week with a recommendation to always wait a bit before installing a patch, just in case it spoils more things than it fixes. Better try it after other people with more experience.

Update: A few hours later since this text was written, we can see that Google will delete from its search results the webs containing "revenge porn". Good for Google.


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