Thursday, May 28, 2015

You can crash an iPhone sending this text

Tonight a bunch of teenagers and not so teenagers have had fun crashing their friend's iPhones in the simplest way: sending a string of some Arabic characters, by SMS, iMessage, WhatsApp or Telegram. We will talk about it and also about why it's best not to rely on SourceForge, what makes the new virus which attacks routers and what is happening with website blocking in the UK. Let's get started.

This bug was unveiled last night in Reddit forums, it appears for the second time and affects Apple´s IOS operating system, specifically to iPhone and iPad devices. It causes the application to crash if the "evil" message is received in a conversation, or even reboot the device if it is received when it is locked.

More serious is what is happening in the SourceForge program's font code repository, recently discovered by the GIMP editor, the most popular free image editing program. SourceForge may assign responsibility for various free programs to their own editors, in order to take control of the program account and inject "adware".

Today we recover a subject we talked about yesterday: the new virus which attacks routers, Moose. After the experts have analyzed it, we know what it does and is pretty amazing: it does"likes", "Follows" and create new social networks accounts. This mess just for that? Well, yes. There is much money to be made in this field, with many customers eager to have thousands of followers on social networks and dark marketing companies willing to make them accessible.

We finish with a text to read in a quiet moment. Its author is the SocialBrains analyst Pablo F. Iglesias, and talks about the legality of the arbitrary websites blocking performed by governments. He starts from the UK movements designed to block "inappropriate" content to its citizens, particularly pornography, creating a list of "interested in porn".

Pablo calls it the "infantilization of citizens" which actually it's covert censorship, he considers. Something to think about quite a time, a Thursday like this one when there is little time left for the weekend.


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