Friday, May 29, 2015

We are cannon fodder for cybercrime industry

It's painful to say, but true. Currently, crime industry is using us to spread its campaigns. Either way, the point is either you and a server, might be part of one or more botnets, like attack vectors to the rest of user's community.

And as a sample, from CIGTR we have recommended occasionally make use of VPN networks to improve our communications safety. One of the most popular free services; Hola VPN; has a premium version which apparently is being used by cybercriminals to hire some bandwidth from our devices and perform DDoS attacks, which in this case have affected 8chan, one of the busiest forums in the Internet.
Now imagine you, like many of us, have a WordPress blog. A new phishing campaign takes advantage of one the multiple vulnerabilities in one of the plugins in this popular CMS, to inject a fake Apple web used to steal victims data, making them believe their account has been temporarily blocked.

Just having Adobe Flash installed on your browser, you run the risk of being infected by some type of malware. Usually, ransomware as CryptoWall will gently encrypt your files, and then ask for a blackmail to recover them. And by the way, serve as a gateway for spreading this and other malwares to other acquaintances.
Thus, social networks are increasingly becoming the preferred attack vector of crime industry. An advertising campaign urges users to install a Chrome browser extension which will allow them to watch Youtube videos in Facebook... and incidentally, it comes along with a keylogger which will copy everything you write on the keyboard, and then will send it to the attacker's server.
Four ways, each more ingenious, to transform the user into mere pawn of the digital board. At stake, our account's safety, our card's balance, and of course, our identity's integrity.


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