Thursday, May 7, 2015

Thousands of websites endangered by a wordpress failure

It's what happens when programs are used on a massive scale: if there is a failure, it affects millions. In this particular case we're talking about a WordPress "bug", present in multiple plugins and themes. Today is World Password Day and we will offer some tips to deal with them, and we'll also talk about unethical antivirus and something pretty scary: facial recognition software on the streets.

This WordPress failure is not serious only because this software is used in millions of sites, but also because it is located in a generic package and even the "example.html" can be exploited. The good news is, being a Cross Site Scripting attack, the cooperation of victims is needed and they must be persuaded to click on a malicious link. Something, as we have said many times, which is more than easy for criminals who know how to use social engineering.

So today is Password World Day, and we would never get tired of encourage our readers to use different passwords for each service. Yes, we know there are many, but there are sites where you could write them down, which fit in a handbag. Then, we all know, better phrases than words, and with a combination of letters, numbers and symbols, and we should change them every 6 months.

The tranquility given by a good password policy is like knowing you have a good antivirus, although we must also be aware of this. An open letter from the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization warns about unethical behavior in the industry, like sending better quality products to critics than the ones they are selling to customers.

We ended up with news from Hyderabad, a city of India. Considered a nest of terrorists, the local police force has bought facial recognition software which will be used in conjunction with CCTV cameras watching the streets of the capital. So far we have seen this kind of monitorings in airports and other specific sites, installing them in a city is a milestone.

We will not repeat the world becomes increasingly cyberpunk, because we've said it many times. But it's kind of frightening, isn't it?


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