Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The war against Hackers

American hacker community is seriously disturbed these days, and it's because their government wants to restrict cyber weapons usage: viruses, exploits and monitoring programs. It's called "The war against hackers". We will discuss it, and also of a new data breach, this time stolen from the service of tax collection in the United States; a new virus which attacks routers and a veteran security convention, starting tomorrow: Hack In The Box.

The young Reuben Paul arrived yesterday to Amsterdam
It all started last year with the Wassenaar Agreement, which limits weapon proliferation among signatory countries; and introduced the concept of "cyber weapon" on it´s list. Now, the United States is working on applying Wassenar resolutions to its laws, so US citizenship has two months to present allegations. The tension has gone so far as never seen before, confronting INFOSEC researchers against the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The Errata Security blog has done a very comprehensive summary of all this mess which, if it doesn't stop in the United States, is probably coming soon to Europe.
Also in the United States, today, the press andblogs included a new data breach, stolen from the Internet Revenue Service(IRS). More than 100,000 taxpayers have seen how their data circulate son the Internet, due to a computer error at the IRS website. But that's not all, experts suspect up to $50 million woluld have been stolen using these data.

We're starting to be more than accustomed to the thousands of data leaking, but we are not so used to routers insecurity, which lately occupy headlines, day in, day out. Today we discover there is a malicious code which attacks routers, which is unusual but possible. It also affects IP cameras, Linux operating systems or mobile phones.

And we ended up by recommending our audience in Amsterdam not to miss Hack In The Box, the INFOSEC Congress which starts tomorrow in this city, where  some of the best experts in the world will meet, including a nine-year-old boy named Reuben Paul who is considered one of the world's youngest hackers. The Spanish researchers José Antonio Guasch, Alfonso Muñoz, Sergio de los Sangos, Ricardo J. Rodríguez and Pepe Vila, will give several lectures.

We hope the Spanish representation may have a great time at the conference, and we recommend our readers able to attend not to miss HITBSecConf!


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