Monday, May 25, 2015

The Saudi government does not spend money on cybersecurity

Or so it seems: the Cyber ​​Army of Yemen has leaked a file containing nearly a hundred gigas stolen which contains hundreds of archives of the Saudi government, mostly emails but also images, presentations and other documents. Good way to start a Monday! We´ll also talk today about dangerous apps for Minecraft-addicted, how easy it is spying us when we  carry technology with us and a new phenomenon increasingly popular: the CryptoParties

The leaked information comes from the assault of  more than 3,000 computers and thousands of users of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defence of the Saudi government. For he avoidance of doubt of this achievement, Cyber Army of Yemen has published two images on the employees computers, as well as on the website, explaining what they had done.

Who will also have a "good" Monday will be Minecraft addicts when they read that 2.8 million people have downloaded malicious Android apps related to this game. According to ESET, which discovered the plot, in the last nine months 30 malware applications simulating tips and guides to play Minecraft have have been uploaded to Google Play Store. We encourage our gamers readers to use an antivirus.

Talking about apps, Context Information Security researchers have developed an app which can detect the movements of “wereables” devices, such as mobile phones, watches, fitness bracelets and others. The trick is in Bluetooth signals transmitted by these devices, which can be monitored allowing to spy our movements.

Just as always , we end with an interesting text. Today has come to our attention the description of what it is, how it is done and what is learned in a CryptoParty. The CryptoParties phenomenon was born in 2012 and has quickly spread around the world. It consists on training sessions on privacy for the general population.

As the last Pew report said, people are increasingly concerned about their privacy but do nothing to improve it, possibly cause a lack of information. You can find the reference to this interesting report on our Twitter account.


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