Thursday, May 21, 2015

Take care with the Postal Service mails

It is hard to remember a plague like the “ransomware” in the history of the Internet. Viruses which can encrypt our personal files and request for a ransom are affecting thousands of people and small business which have never done a “backup”. We will talk about this huge problem and also the last idea of North American Cyber-Strategists: treat the 0days as a weapon.

The ransomware is disguised as a electronic e-mail with Correos logo, where there is a website link that offer view a letter that they were not able to deliver. There are malicious advertisements on websites too and if we have out-dated browsers it can install viruses to your computer. An investigator ,called Jada Cyrus, has created a kit with instructions and some programs to clear the computer and to break the encrypted files. It is all we have about “ransomware” for the moment. Be aware!

Changing  completely the subject, We comment the interesting world of Cyber-guerrilla. The United States Commerce Department has proposed new laws in exportation that treat  unknown software failures, like 0days, as potential weapons. It would be prohibited to sell 0days without an special licence within USA and partners  beyond its borders: United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. However it seems will not go too far  because the black market is the largest market of 0days.

Talking about black market, we want to recommend you the Reading of Yolando Olmendo text about the black market organization and the rols of the people that work there, from malware managers to people  that tranport it. According Olmedo there are cyber-criminal schools where there is an offer of courses like “How to be a Defacer” or “Spammer Kit ”. This business moves a lot of money.

Finally, a recommendation of other text, created by Social Media Group of the Spanish National Police: A proposal of contract between fathers and sons about the use of mobile phone. Probably is not useful for sons because there is  lots of memorizing  and is complex, however is an excelent guide for fathers who  want to know the limits of the use of new tecnologies.

+1 for the police because everything we can teach our children in use of social networks will avoid the the succes of “ransomware”.


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