Friday, May 22, 2015

Sexual data of about four million users filtered

Since mid-April it have appeared sensitive personal data, including sexual preferences, of almost four million users of Adult FriendFinder website. In CIGTR we are already considering to institute Filtration Data Day, each more epic. Also we talk about of a failure which affects millions of Android phones, the computer error that caused yesterday thousands of Catalans arrived late to job and  X1RedMasSegura days, which started today .

Someone commented on Twitter: "Look how well, due to the tiny Adult FriendFinder site security criminals have 4 million people classified according to their sexual preferences, to make blackmail, phishing and whatever they want.The thief would be a Thai called ROR [RG] who says the site owner owes money to a friend of him, the reason why he blackmailed Adult FriendFinder to do not make more public data.

Meanwhile, in the world of mobile phone security things do not go much better. While "the intercept”, the official mean of communication of Snowden, has revealed the NSA tried to sneak monitoring programs for users of Android app stores and Samsung, two researchers at Cambridge ensure the deleting data system has an important failure and it is possible recover them easily. So be careful when formatting your phone if you are planning to sell it.

We continue with a story which reminds us the power outage suffered by Turkey few days ago with no explanation except the typical “computer error”. This time the error has occurred in the railway  lines network of Catalonia in rush hour last Thursday morning. Adif spokesperson ensured the computer system did not work properly: "It goes on, turns off, you can not guarantee its reliability”. It comes to our minds when a hacker warned the Metro of an important city about it´s serious deficiencies.

At last, we want to recommend all of you a conference in Madrid, X1RedMásSegura, which is taking place today and tomorrow at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. There are free lectures by some of the best Spanish experts in security and organized among others by our friend Angelucho, who was recently interviewed in this blog.

Wee hope every session goes well,  100% recommended and have a pleasant weekend.


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