Friday, May 8, 2015

It is time to put some limits on the NSA

A federal court in New York has ruled the illegality of the National Security Agency program which has spent years randomly recording American citizen's metadata calls. It is crucial news for those in that country trying to put limits on the NSA voracious appetite. We'll also discuss about SAP insecurity, blackmailing to companies and new cyber propaganda strategies.

The banning of the NSA monitoring calls program comes just as the United States its about to approve a law which put some limits on espionage to citizens by the agency. Besides, right now the European governments are increasing their citizen monitoring, as the law just approved this week in France.

We continue with an information of great interest to companies, majority users of the SAP suite software which allows to optimize sales system, finance, banking and others. Onapsis researchers, which sells security tools for SAP, ensures that 95% of installations have severe vulnerabilities.

And speaking of companies, there's some New Zealand news: we hear of a campaign of extortion against Australian and New Zealand companies. They are threatened with denial of service attacks if they didn't agree to pay Au$ 7,500. The extortionists tell them they're going to lauch  400 Gbps power attacks, but those who have suffered it, say it have not gone beyond 10 Gbps.

Just a curiosity: Pro Russian videos went viral without actual people recommending them, but viruses. Criminals are infecting users' computers with malicious code which inflates these videos visits. This is an old trick already used for ads which pay to those who visualize it: the offender sent computers under their control to watch these ads, and charged for it. But this is the first time we spot it used for cyberpropaganda.

Thus it is already being said, louder every time, there are not many hackers as smart and evil as the Russians.


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