Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hire me or I will hack you

It´s the talk these days in the INFOSEC field in the USA: a former employee accuses the Tiversa company of having assaulted and robbed databases to companies which didn't hire its services,and then reported them to the Federal Trade Commission. Today we'll also discuss the cyber jihad, of some red and blue teams and we'll welcome the new Obama's technological adviser, an old acquaintance of the Internet community.

Richard Wallace is the one who has denounced these mafia style practices. It is estimated that Tiversa sued a hundred companies to the FTC, an agency which would had seriously fined at least one of them, which had to close. To make it more bizarre, on the council of Tiversa there are from decorated military to the founder of the prestigious Ponemon Institute. It would not be the first time security companies extort clients in order to hire their services, but fortunately it is a very very sporadic issue.
We change of pace to welcome the new technology advisor of the United States President. Internet veterans today applaud Obama's decision on discussion forums, because the Princeton Professor Ed Felten is one of them. It happens that Felten, in 2006, already proved what today continues being reported: the electronic voting machines, which were from the Diebold brand then, lack of security.

By the way, speaking of Obama, these days is running on the network a video from the Cyber Caliphate hacktivist group which claims to had entered the web and achieved email and other important data from an American politician, without giving his name. Amid speculation, it is a good time to learn more about this group and their Cyber Jihad, thanks to a new disclosure document created by SecurityArtWork.

And just another document written by quality professionals worth stopping to read, perhaps in a train travel or a moment of rest in the afternoon. This is an excellent summary of how defensive and offensive security has evolved up to the current red and blue teams which, as we are told, they can not be without each other.

We hope we have satisfied the thirst for knowledge from our readers. We'll be right back tomorrow with more current issues!


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