Monday, May 11, 2015

Death to evil hackers

Does anyone deserve capital punishment for their cybercrimes? Perhaps not their physical self, but why not the virtual one? That's what the responsible of Guild Wars 2 thought, when killed a character where a sabouteur of their online game was hidden beneath. The execution video is shocking and we'll offer it along with other news of the day, such as increasing mobile insurance fraud or a guide to know if someone is assaulting our home wifi.

The character of the evil hacker was named, of course, DarkSide and belonged to someone who had spent weeks using exploits to gain power in the game. That's how he managed to perform unauthorized actions, such as getting a teleport or resurrect. After multiple complaints from other players, the creators of Guild Wars, which has sold 4 million copies, decided to expel the user and kill his character publicly throwing him off a bridge. Brutal.
So on, cybercrime advances galloping at all levels and layers of users. Today we know that, according to the "Mobile Insurance Fraud Report of 2014", this type of hoax has doubled: It's based on hiring a phone insurance and later on, report its theft with false documentation, to get another one for free.

And speaking of amateur cybercrime, let's not forget another classic: Using your neighbor's wireless network. Is there any way to know if our connection is being hacked? Besides of the router manual monitoring, various programs like Fing, NetScan, iNet, Angry IP Scanner and others can warn us of the presence of intruders in your home network.

We ended up with a story that was a matter of time: the famous Apple Watch clock has been hacked in a proof of concept. The popular developer Comex, author of JailbreakMe, has released a video where you can see how gets to install a browser on Apple Watch and therefore could be installed anything else.

In case our readers have not noticed yet, we are entering the era of zero security. And it seems we will have to live with it.


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