Friday, May 1, 2015

Cyber D'Artagnan and the three Musketeers

Conferences and exhibitions everywhere... There is no doubt that information security has become a major activity of knowledge and business, but often we lack perspective. We take this 1st of May, public holiday in most countries of the world, to review three events last weeks: RSA Conference (San Francisco), Hacker World Day (Madrid) and SegurInfo (Buenos Aires). All for one and one for all.

Many attendees at the RSA Conference 2014 were stunned by the large number of presentations on open source vulnerabilities. In this year (20-24 April), attendees could take a break. Less pressure about hacking and more threats assessment and mitigation, and compliance. Less hacking demonstrations, and more on cloud security, business identity management and tools for live-tracking an attack. At least that is what was posted a few days ago in Software Devolopment Times, SDTimes.

This week, the capital of Spain, Madrid, hosted an event for more than 1,500 security professionals named World Hacker Day. So many experts to try to synthesize lessons, sure? But on One Magazine they got to work and achieved a round figure: "The 10 things we learned in the Hacker World Day". DDoS, Big Data, attacks via LinkedIn ... Will you miss the remaining 7 lessons?

If we partially go back in time, we stumble upon starting nearly two months ago of SegurInfo conference, which began in Argentina on March 10, continued in Paraguay on March 26, and will reach their final stage next May 21 in Uruguay. Three events for the same brand, with some of the most renowned speakers in the field. We can go to a large crhonicle on Enfasys to read how well it was done the day at Buenos Aires.

But today the industry is going far beyond this events becoming notoriety. Every month, almost every day, somewhere in the world we may find a conference on this subject. If you want to have the full path, you can not miss the full schedule found in the cybersecurity blog of Concyse. It will be difficult not to find one of your liking! And even more difficult for you to choose just one!

With this perspective we look back, and take a brief stop tomorrow Saturday, just to concentrate all our energies in a new format that CIGTR will launch on Sunday May 3 air: interviews with industry professionals. Our first stop is Pablo Angel Aviles, better known by his nom de guerre: Angelucho.


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