Friday, May 15, 2015

Caught red-handed spying on their partners and relatives

Today we have waken up with interesting news on private life: someone have leaked into the Tor network hundreds of gigabytes of data from 400,000 customers of mSpy software company, whose products are used for spy kids, couples and friends at home. We also talk today about the assault on the mobile web in the Washington Post, the inefficiency of closing pirate webs and a lesson about social engineering.

That's the story of the hunted hunter. Apple IDs, passwords, pictures... Today nobody would want to be in the skin of mSpy customers. The programs of this company allow to know the geographical location of spied people, access to communications applications such as Skype or snapchat and record everything typed on the victim's cell phone. We may think of many morals, but well, it is up to our intelligent readers imagination.

Let's go on with another type of hacktivism: the Syrian Electronic Army, who reappears assaulting nothing less that one of the most influential newspaper in the world, The Washington Post. Its mobile version was launching propaganda messages durint 30 minutes. It is rumored that the Syrians have committed one or more accounts from a third party, Instart Logic, that provides content to the newspaper. Be careful on who you trust, baby...

We do not usually treat the following topic, so let's have a look: the "piracy" of cultural products. According to a study published by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, the policy of raiding and closing sites with such content is not only ineffective but also counterproductive because, among other things, it does not increase the use of legal sites, as it is widely thought.

Just as usual, we finish with a little delight for those who have time to enjoy it. Hangout on social engineering, that very great hacker tool that criminals use piecework and that multiplies insecurity 'de facto'. The HangoutON channel, which has established itself as an excellent source of information in Spanish, invited our friend and analyst Pablo F. Iglesias, among with lawyer José Adalid and expert on malware and social engineering Marcelo Rivero, who we have had the pleasure of speaking with this week. You will read this interview next Sunday.

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