Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Assault to the Federal Reserve of Saint Louis

This seems to be like the Wild West. The electronic crime stops stealing bank clients with banking trojans to start stealing  the financial institutions directly, without fear.The attack suffered by the Federal reserve of Saint Louis at the end of april was an intermediate step in this evolution. We wrote about that in an earlier article as well as the assault against petrol companies, the security guide for medical devices and the recommendation to assist a congress in Barcelona next week.

The Federal Reserve of Saint Louis, in United States, was subject of a very extreme easy attack last month when the DNS provider data was manipulated by the criminals.In that way, they  redirect the online customers to fake websites where they obtained personal data and their bank personal access code. The Federal Reserve has asked customers to change their passwords. 

Other important attack that we have just know is the Panda Security investigation, called “phantom menace”, which  is against petrol companies. Through spear-phishing the criminals stole credentials to obtain confidential paper of at least 10 companies. Documentation that they used in rip-offs simulating oil sales.

But, fortunately, there are good news: The respected Electrical and Electronic Engineering Institute (EEEI) have published a guide with advices to manufacture medical devices in a secure and safe way. In a world where the manipulation of pacemaker or insuline injections is posible, it is really important that the medical personnel know the risks and how to avoid them. +1 for EEEI. 

To finish,we would like to recommend you the event Symposium of Electronic Crime  next 25th to 29 of May in Barcelona, organized by Anti Phishing Working Group. Huge seminars and round tables will be presented by some of the best experts cybersecurity of Spain and the whole world.

It never hurts to learn something new, and  many times is more useful to attend to one or two conferences than reading ten books on the same subject.


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