Sunday, April 26, 2015

Top 5 infosec links of the week (LXXI)

In October this year should be arriving from 1985 Marty McFly, the character played by Michael J. Fox in the second part of 'Back to the Future'. McFly's jumps in time have something in common: As soon as you are not in your time, you are totally misplaced. The most read stories this week, from those chosen by CIGTR, talk about something similar to jumps in time.

'The Oscar' goes to the unfortunately well known Japanese nuclear power plant of Fukushima. Well, you must add now to its history that the Tokyo Electric Company (TEPCO), decided time ago that it was not worth upgrading the computers. So they left them running on Windows XP. And we're not talking about a few hundred computers, but staggering 48,000 ones. Story has finished coming to public, and TEPCO has had to accept that it's a time for a change. In 2015, Windows XP is the same as Marty McFly from 1985: a boy who does not understand his time.

If you do not know the acronym CaaS, you're probably out of time. It means Cybercrime as a Service, a "discipline" to many experts who make their living in dark areas of the Internet, and it has multiple variants, such as Malware as a Service (MaaS), perhaps the best known. This week our adviser Pablo Fernández Iglesias published on its blog a must-read post on CaaS.

The downside of living out of time is that you can eventually lead economic consequences, not only because you suffer a security breach like it was Target case, but because it will take months after a huge agreement in compensation. In this case, we speak of 19 million euros. Moreover, to be in time is something that not everyone can do with the same solvency, so it is normal at companies that someone goes clicking where it should not. That is why cybercrime has become corporate, as was explained, very well explained, on the prestigious Net Security.

Anyway, living out of date may be positive if you decide to be a leader, just ahead your time. At recent RSA Conference, managers of BBVA Santiago Moral Rubio (CISO) and Juan Francisco Losa (Digital Banking CISO), explained in great detail the process of digital transformation of this financial institution. It has been a pioneer in many aspects, such as the decision eight years ago that any customer could operate remotely from any device, and so exciting challenges such as data management or new software lifecycles.

'A tab? Can't give ya a tab, unless ya order something', says the owner of 1955 cafe to the newcomer from the future McFly. The past is not to blame for what we were unaware, but we all have a responsibility to not live in the past. The risks of being out of date are very high.


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