Sunday, April 12, 2015

Top 5 infosec links of the week (LXIX)

Epic fails, terrorists sharing on social media, porn webs watching you... There is everything in this top 5 infosec links of the week, as disposed by our own readers. It has been seven days when so much has happened, and so fast, so we should have a Sunday break to look back and prop the most important headlines.

In Internet carelessness is not forgiven. The epic fail of French television TV5Monde has been the issue with the greatest impact of the week. First we read that it had been hacked, but 24 hours later we contemplate astonished that the TV station itself gave the thieves "the keys to home", with detailed plans and more favorables hours to strike. That is, they showed on air all their computer passwords. For bad guys, it was plain sailing.

In addition to digital bad guys, there are lifetime criminals. The Spanish Interior Ministry believes these ones also have their little digital heart and, like every single neighbor, they like social media. And... Yes, like any of us, they leave a fingerprint. So, if they are there, just go there to catch them, and that's just what has been proposed: to create a system to hunt the terrorists, monitoring behaviors, habits, concepts, code languages... Controversial use of technology? Anyway, 100% practicable.

While a few terrorists may become afraid of their fingerprint, ordinary people would care someone gets in his private life. And that is what some websites from one of the quintessential private consumption are devoted: pornography, which is like a whole Big Brother through and through.

But as always, there is space for positive news. We took two from this week: first one, a new system to recover for free any infected and encrypted device with ransomware CryptoLocker; and second one, a very complete and interesting story on the relationship between programming languages and companies philosophy. Apple, Facebook, Google or Microsoft, among others, are what they are, in a large part, by how they have tackled the code that has created their own history.

Remember: an oversight can be costly, everything you do leave a fingerprint, and in some places where you think you enjoy watching, you are actually observed. Have a good Sunday.


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