Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Risk is global too

The Internet open encyclopedia, Wikipedia, defines globalization as "a technological, social and cultural planetary scale process, consisting of the increased communication and interdependence among countries of the world." In case we haven't had clear the extent we are in that process, the news on this Tuesday April 28 in INFOSEC related issues, clarifie all doubts.

First doubt solved: a planetary scale, ie without borders? Let's take note: Romanian police has arrested 25 people suspected of being part of a cybercriminal gang and responsible of a major fraudulent cash withdrawals operation which worth 15 million dollars. But here comes the global thing: the operations were directed against some Puerto Rico and Oman banks. If that is not globalization...

Second doubt solved: interdependence, ie all of us need something from everyone? If we consider the White House and Department of Homeland Security US are almost pleading about it, we could say yes. No desire to justify the need to spy on communications of citizens intended, all those who are responsible of USA cybersecurity are beginning to ask default encryption which allows a back door to let intelligence services getting in. Privacy or safety? Are they incompatible? It is not the first time we met the dilemma, and it won't be the last.

Third doubt solved: Are technology so deeply affected by this change? Let's take a look at the world of blog's news of the day, especially those that run on Wordpress platform, ie the majority worldwide. 14 months ago the researcher Jouko Pynnönen, from the Finnish specializied firm Klikki Oy, who reported a severe XSS vulnerability to the Wordpress team, affecting all versions, including the newly released 4.2. Tired of waiting for the unrealised patch, the researcher has decided to publish it, in order to force Wordpress to react as quickly as possible. 

And so we solve the fourth doubt: does it happen anywhere? That's right. From today, and until tomorrow, 1,500 security professionals gathered in Madrid in one of the most important industry events: MundoHacker Day. A busy schedule of presentations, plenary sessions and workshops in which it will be difficult to find any unaddressed INFOSEC related issue. Recall: very little ago, we have had the very renowned RSA Conference and the DefCon conference.

Globalization happens every day, everywhere. We should not loose its trail and not to think we are alone.


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