Saturday, April 11, 2015

On cybersecurity anthill

"A wise man can sit on an anthill, but only a fool remains seated on it". It is a bit ironic the origin of this proverb, China, and its teachings applicable to cybersecurity throughout the world. The Asian giant is now the main headline because of the discovery of the huge hacking platform from Chinese Government, the Grand Canyon. But each day is full of small players sitting on anthills.

University of Toronto and University of California at Berkeley have unvelid this government platform, working in parallel with the Great Firewall. Among one and the another, the Great Wall is nothing more than a little joke. Firewall is used to keep under lock where Chinese people can or can not surf, but Canyon lets authorities to attack any device trying the morbid curiosity what is Chinese Internet like. It is not only forbidden for natives to think, but it is for strangers to snoop.

Like irony? Nothing beats a rootkit that is responsible for ensuring the 'security' of pwned computers. A new tool handles nothing less than the 300,000 most commonly used passwords to get access on servers through brute force; thereupon, it injects malicious code for propagating all kinds of attacks, and in addition, it prevents any 'malware' approaching to the device. Also understood by 'malware' the work of a white hat trying to regain control. Go for it: the 'perfect' antivirus (of course, ironic).

In light of the latest survey from RSA, both the Chinese and the 300,000 passwords boys get it as easy as the abc. Companies are determined to continue sitting on the anthill: a lot of Internet, but nothing about basic security. Neither incident response, nor content, analytical or threats intelligence. Let's say: even digital business are like being riddled with bullets.

At least, and having suffered the unspeakable, the entertainment industry seems to get busy. SurfWatch labs claim that risk has decreased significantly so they have qualified with B+. One of the main components is the drastic reduction of unauthorized access and celebrities account hijacking. Does anyone how criminals are jumping over the growing awareness? Got it. If social engineering goes harder, it is time for malware, growing at a phenomenal pace.

Yes. Maybe you have being seated so long on the anthill, so do not be foolish. Get up, shake and walk. You can not kill ants, black as the black hats, but you can look more carefully where you stop to rest next time.


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