Tuesday, April 7, 2015

How much would you sell your paswords for?

Privacy has an increasingly high price . But what about the lack of privacy? A study by the Ponemon Institute and Trend Micro has concluded that 56% of us will ease our personal information in exchange for money. Who also offers money to know us better is the Spanish government: there's 1.6 million for the person who built a system that monitor us on social networks.
Markus Winkler
According to the statement submitted by the Spanish Ministry of Internal Affairs, this software tool would capture and store data and from social networks, call records, medical records, emails, travelers information, etc. Its aim is to detect potential terrorists among citizens who are not "on file".

And, meanwhile some take so much work to gather our data, others buy them directly. According to the Ponemon survey and Trend Micro to 1,900 people, half of them will sell their passwords for $76, their health-related information for 58, their buying habits by 20, or their phone number for $6.

Another way to get our data is stealing it, something which are doing increasingly viruses that reach us by mobile phone. Most of them "live" in Android environment, although it should be made clear that it's normal since Android is where there are most "apps" by far. Google has just released a report summarizing the security status of Android, modifications made during the year and new features.

And we have kept for last the best news: finally it's possible to recover data encrypted with CryptoLocker, a dangerous virus. It´s estimated that 500,000 people and businesses have been its victims. A police operation managed to get into criminal's computers and recover the decryption keys, which is offering free by the company FireEye. A bravo! written with capital letters.

With this good news and a smile, our daily recap is over. 


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