Friday, April 10, 2015

Hacking physical activity bracelets

The Internet of Things is still unbeatable, giving news every single day about its poor INFOSEC. This time it's fitness bracele's turn, which seems so innocent but can make us ending up with our medical data in the wrong hands. Today we'll also talk about the serious mistake that possibly caused the French chain TV5Monde's hacking, plus a bank trojan alert and an interesting text on programming languages and business philosophy that comes straight from the prestigious "MIT Technology Review". 
Smart bracelets are increasingly all around: at parks, gymnasiums and other spaces for sport. They count calories, capture physical state data of its owner and interact with your mobile phone. The Kaspersky company has detected that this interaction is not at all secure and allows others to connect to the bracelet, send orders and steal data. Hopefully, our athletic readers can consider themselves warned.

But today´s news is not that but something that is provoking the jokes, if not the despair of INFOSEC experts: yesterday we reported on the Islamic State's assault of international chain TV5Monde's social networks and web. Today we know that during a television interview, it was broadcasted a paper where they appeared some computer system´s passwords of the channel. A huge mistake which is also not the first time that happens in media.

Meanwhile in real world, we suffered a bank Trojan attack which affects diverse banks in the United States, Britain, Germany, Australia and Romania. The virus arrives by email, disguised as if it were a PDF file or enjoining the victim to visit a website where they will be automatically infected. Its name is Dyre, it was first detected in 2014 and is very similar to the infamous Zeus.

Just a delight of disquisition which we recommend saving to read calmly this weekend. Could be entitled as "Tell me what programming language you are using and I'll tell you what kind of company you are". With examples like Facebook, Wikipedia or Google, which helps to understand this interesting concept.

We hope that our recommendations has been welcomed by our readers, and we wish them a great weekend. 


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