Saturday, April 18, 2015

Don't get stung

What about learning some piano? In 1902 Scott Joplin composed 'The Entertainer' ('The Entertainer'), a piece that went unnoticed until 71 years later, when Marvin Hamlisch arranged it for the film 'The Sting'. Two swindlers who devise an ingenious plan to avenge the death of a colleague. And a film that leaves us one of those immortal quotes: "What was I supposed to do - call him for cheating better than me?".

Researchers and cybercriminals, face to face. Which of the two is faster cheating the system? Who hacks quicker? Bad guys don't let up environments like Java. Again there has been found some vulnerabilities presenting several risks for millions of applications, and the Oracle team can do nothing but certify the hole. It is time to patch, and to do it asap.

So you know you must always update your system everytime, and another basic security like choosing strong passwords, being conscious of what you share on social media, or not clicking on suspicious links. But this is not enough. The end user is the weakest link in the chain, and often it does not take a genius to exploit certain appetites, such as playing seemingly innocent smartphone games. Are you sure that you check the permissions? Always?

In any case, it is upon us two fundamental dates for this thing called security, where ther will be both "entertainers", doing good or evil, in their leisure or as professionals. We are talking about the famed DefCon and RSA Conference. In TripWire they ask us if we are ready for the second one, and start the menu with an advance. And while these dates come, we can always use our time reading two books on Ethical Hacking (in Spanish), recommended by guys at Security By Default.

Have you already decided to play piano? Well, after this post, maybe you prefer a real hack of a real pirates song. Train enough, and some will stick. ;-)


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