Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Cyber villains attacking Cyber villains

It is not the first time we see a gang war in the network. But the first in the elitist world of Advanced Persistent Threatsw (APT), specialized in attacking governments and corporations. This story has been unveiled by Kaspersky Lab people and so we'll tell you, along with other issues like virtual kidnappings boom in Spain and several tips and information of interest for executives and entrepreneurs.

APT groups in contention are the powerful Naikon; one of the busiest in Asia, specialiced on introducing backdoors to spy on all types of organisms; and Hellsing, smaller and elitist. According to the Kasperksy company, they have sent to each other "spear-phishing" messages hidding virus to install backdoors on its rivals computers. We had seen other gang wars before, as when they stole botnets to each other, but this is something new.

Virtual kidnappings are also a novelty. Since last February, there have been 162 complaints in Spain. They consist in calling someone and announce them that they have kidnapped their relative and they have to pay a ransom. This scam is common in Latin America and now is coming to Spain. It is recommended not to give too much personal information about us on social networks, it could help criminals to convince us they have kidnapped someone we love, or even kidnap them for real.

In the meantime, small and medium-sized business remain the most affected by cybercrime related with viruses (in 2014, 4,400 companies worldwide suffered malware attacks), data theft, virtual bombing and others. In contrast, same Small and Medium Enterprises are the less socially aware about the need to ensure their computer systems.

Una forma vital de ayudar a esta concienciación es formar a ejecutivos y directivos, de quienes dependen en última instancia las decisiones. Recomendamos un interesante artículo que pone sobre la mesa diez preguntas que los empresarios deberían responder sobre la seguridad informática de su empresa: ¿Tienen contratado un seguro? ¿Sus proveedores han sufrido recientemente un ciberataque? ¿Tiene su organización una estrategia de ciberseguridad?

A vital way to help to this awareness is training executives and managers, who are ultimately resposibles on the decisions. We recommend an interesting article that brings to the table ten questions every entrepreneur should respond about their company's INFOSEC: Do you have purchased any insurance? Do your suppliers have recently suffered a cyber attack? Does your organization have an INFOSEC strategy?

It's worth spending a moment, only five minutes, to take a look at the last two items if you're an executive, manager or entrepreneur.


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